Are men more interested in sex than women? Feminists may balk at such a question. After all, in the 21st century, women have more freedoms to do as they wish than in the past.

However, the biological makeup of a person doesn’t change despite the advances in our society. Before dismissing the notion that men are more interested in sex than women, some factors need to be considered that could make the answer to the question a “yes.”

1. Men Are Less Discriminating Than Women

One of the most attractive factors about romance movies and romance novels is the intimacy that is created between the man and the woman. It is an intimacy that doesn’t happen in a day or two.

It builds up over time and results in a passionate relationship that is all consuming. As reported in The Sun, a study found that men are not one, not two, not three, but four times more likely to want to have sex with a woman on a first date.

Women, on the other hand, are much more liable to want to get to know the man first or feel some connection or even fall in love before just jumping in bed with him. In other words, the building up and the romance that often exists before the first sex act isn’t as important to men as it is for women.

2. Men Think About Sex More Than Women Do

How often do women think about sex? Is it something that enters their minds on a daily basis? As reported in WebMD, the answer is a “no” for women but a “yes” for men. Males (under the age of 60) think about sex more than females do.

In fact, they think about it at least once a day. Furthermore, even though fantasies about sex decrease for both men and women as men and women age, men still fantasize about sex more often than women do even as they age. So it appears that sex is often on a man’s mind, which could mean that on average, they are far more interested in sex than women are.

3. Women Have Other Concerns to Worry About, Such as Pregnancies

Societies perceive men and females differently. In some societies, women have few to no rights. In other countries, such as the United States, women have many rights, but differences and perceptions still prevail.

As reported in WebMD, women are less interested in sex than men because other factors come into play for a woman. For example, a woman who has sex with many different partners is often looked down upon in societies across the board.

A female prostitute is highly criticized in all companies, but a female who is not a prostitute but who has sex with many different men is also looked down upon in societies across the board.

Although there are feminists who fight the stereotypes and perceptions and work to create a society where women are treated equally, many women are not willing to risk the societal ridicule of a female who has many sexual partners.

Females also have to worry about the possibility of pregnancy when it comes to sexual activity with a man. In many cases, if a woman becomes pregnant out of wedlock, it will be her responsibility to take care of the infant once it’s born. Many women who want to avoid the possibility of out-of-wedlock pregnancy will be discriminating when it comes to sexual activity.

4. Men are Highly Visible and Like to Look at Sexy Women

It’s been said that people can’t help looking at beautiful women. It’s also be said that men are more visual than females, and according to Men’s Health, that could be true.

In a study, people were given photos of attractive women and told not to look at them. The study found that it was hard for the men to not look at the pictures even when told not to. In fact, their impulses were found to be four times stronger than that for women.

Based on these four examples of men and sexuality, it could be concluded that men have more interest in sex than women. This is not to say that women don’t have a stake in sex; it just means that people are interested in it more.

If people are more likely to want sex more than women, is that a bad thing? According to Marita McCabe, a Deakin University professor of psychology, it isn’t. She advises that you understand the different chemistries of males and females and then approach a relationship from that perspective.

If you are a female, it can help your relationship to understand where your boyfriend or husband is coming from when it comes to sex and sexuality activity.

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