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11 Unbelievable Facts About Sex And The City Movie

Sex and the City movies were released more than a decade ago, but still the funny conversations and comedy make us laugh. Are you still one of those girls who often yourself as Miranda, Samantha, Carrie, or Charlotte? Everyone loves to hear about the characters of this amazing movie & TV series. It is one of the most enjoyable series that we can still watch calmly with great affection and laugh for sure.
In this post, we are going to let you relive the world of this classic series by mentioning 11 impressive facts about Sex and the City Movie. Let’s check out each of them and have some laughs.

Tie Dye Maxi Dress

Do you know the Tie Dye Maxi dress that Carrie wore in the scene with Mr. Big sent accidentally to Mexico for a photo shoot? The directors sent a crew member especially to Mexico for taking it back to New York for the shoot.

Rented Clock

The avid lovers of Sex and the City must have noticed the clock beside the bed of Carrie. You will be surprised to know that it was actually rented from a local store. However, the producers found the same model when the clock owner increases the rental price for the next shoot.

Real Fire Drill

During the filming of the “I curse the day you were born” scene, a fire drill was taking at the Catholic Girls School. Due to this, there were lots of teenagers came out of the building saying “We Love you Mr. Big”.

Indian Cab Driver

The Indian cab driver that featured during the fight between Carrie and Miranda in front of Carrie’s home was the same used in the “Up the Butt” scene. We bet most individuals might not realize about it much.

Pink & Blue Tie

There were two ties in the wardrobe of Patricia Field having pink and blue color ready for Harry. The choice depends on whether it was a boy or a girl. Field only knows it was a girl just a few minutes before the beginning of the scene.

Ending Song

How many of you love the song that featured at the end of the film? Can you guess who the singer of this melodious song is? Well, she is one and only Jennifer Hudson who has given voice to numerous amazing songs.

Audience Love for Steve

The audience loved the character of Steve pretty much. Due to this, the directors receive tons of emails that request there shouldn’t any bad happen to Steve. However, they think differently and let Steve do something bad.


Sex and the City will always remain an integral part of viewers who have watched its TV series and movies while growing up. However, it is pretty assured that most of us must have been unaware of the facts mentioned in the post. We believe that you must have feel delighted after knowing them.