Casual Sex

Casual sex is like a junk food diet. It tastes good for awhile, but it leaves you empty. A junk food diet doesn’t nourish you and in the long run depletes your stores of nutrients.

Casual sex is akin to a junk food diet in that it is something you can get away with easier when you are young. This holds true for males as well as females. Sex feeds the soul, where food feeds the body. If you search many different cultures in remote corners of the world sex isn’t as casual as it seems.

They recognize that sex is something to celebrate, but also something that bonds male and female together. Survival depends on the binding of the male and female elements to foster a cohesive group. From a western standpoint it looks like they just do what they want. Sex isn’t as open ended as it seems the young get the freedom to explore in many less advanced societies. However, the bonding that comes about in time is taken seriously according to their social standards.

In America as well as some other industrialized societies, it seems that there are lots of taboos in place that try to limit sexual freedom. The one thing we have is plenty of sexual freedom. The one thing we don’t have is a sense of the connection sex has to our very being.

Sex should be a bonding experience on more levels than just physical. This is something that isn’t going to resonate with young people as well, because the drive is so strong. Exploring is natural. When we teach sex we are usually focused on the worry list, from STDs to pregnancy concerns. As real as these are we get stuck on hold when we look for alternate approaches.

The demystifying of sex means that the right questions are needed. Anyone with foresight knows that sex leads and is led by a need for closeness, acceptance, feeling valued, and feeling connected to someone. Sex isn’t confined to marriage, but it is should be confined to our sense of self worth, intimacy and our relevance for the other person.

Sex gets a shafting by being used as just a release of tension, when it becomes more everyone gains from it. Sex is definitely a union of two people, and that is where you thrive. Healthy sex is when all the elements come into play.

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