3 Advanced Oral Sex Techniques To Spice Up Oral Sex On Her

Oral sex not always has to be limited to oral pleasure, you can increase the chances of orgasms in your woman, as well as, going from simply orgasms to mind blowing orgasms using these 3 advanced oral sex techniques to spice up your oral sex:

1. Fingering

Your fingers are definitely the best accompaniments to oral sex.

There are so many more ways to pleasure your partner with your finger inside her and your tongue outside her!

But, before sticking your finger inside of her make sure you follow these two golden rules of fingering:

1. Make sure she is wet.

2. Whatever technique you use, make sure you do it slowly and gently unless she asks you otherwise.

Ok, now slide your finger in and out of her slowly and gently. You can keep your finger straight, or you can put a bit of a bend in it if you like to help reach the G-spot.

You can also use your finger to press on the walls of her vaginal canal or to go deep inside, depending on how your woman likes it.

One of the most popular fingering moves is to slide the tip of your finger in and out of her vaginal canal about ½ an inch – you can even move your fingertips in circles to trace the outer rim of her vagina.

Women love this because the first inch or so of the vagina is jam-packed with pleasure inducing nerves. You can twist your finger as you go in and out as well – this creates a wonderful sensation that carries throughout the entire vaginal canal.

Some women prefer two or three fingers, but contrary to popular belief, most women prefer only one finger. So, make sure to ask your partner what she prefers.

Please! Make sure your fingernails are clean and trimmed well with no hangnails. Hangnails and jagged fingernails can cause small cuts inside your partner’s vagina.

2. G-Spot stimulation

First of all, the G-spot is a small dime-to-quarter-sized bundle of nerves about two inches inside of the vaginal canal. It is a rough-feeling tissue located in the front wall of her vagina.

You can give a great orgasm to your woman by only stimulating her G-Spot, but the feeling of this type of orgasm differs greatly from a clitoral orgasm. So, to make things even better you can give her both types of orgasms at once!

It feels absolutely wonderful for a woman to be stimulated with a finger(s) in her G-Spot while being stimulate with a wet tongue on her clitoris, but it’s mind blowing when a man is able to give her a simultaneous orgasm in both places at the same time!

Now, the G-spot is fairly simple to find. Place the index or middle finger of your right hand inside her vaginal canal with your palm up. Gently make a “come here” motion with your finger, and that should pretty much do it.

Combine this technique with some of the clitoral stimulation techniques (with your tongue!) and your honey will be in heaven!

3. Using sex toys

Now, when you guys are ready to really spice oral sex up, that means…

It’s time to bring the toys baby! 🙂

Make sure your partner is comfortable with the idea.

If she’s not open to it yet, use a gentle approach to this because if your partner feels uncomfortable or pressured, she will not open her mind and body fully to cunnilingus and your efforts will be unsuccessful.

Hopefully your woman will be up for anything!… Eventually… So, you guys can take oral sex to the next level!

There are basically two kinds of toys you’ll choose from to spice up oral sex:

1. Toys that stay outside of the vaginal canal

The toys that stay outside the vulva are probably the best to start out with, especially if your partner or you are at all apprehensive about bringing toys into the bedroom.

This kind of toys usually offers some kind of vibration which feels wonderful in combination with long, soft strokes by a tongue!

Look for clitoral stimulation toys, you’ll find a great variety of those to choose from.

For toys that stimulate the clitoris, you can gently move them around the vulva first (never place them directly on the clitoris at first) and then move them into the clitoris when your partner is more aroused.

2. Toys that go inside the vaginal canal

The toys that go inside the vagina are usually for people who are more comfortable with the use of toys during sex.

These toys are generally phallic-shaped, and some are even made with silicone to directly resemble an erect penis. Other models of this type of toy are more simply designed (think bullet or dome shaped) and are sleeker.

There are many shapes and sizes, so it is important to choose one that both you and your partner are comfortable with. This type of toy can come with or without vibration, and with or without extra “pieces” that can stimulate the clitoris, other parts of the vulva and even her anus.

For toys that go inside the vaginal opening, you can use them just as though you would use your penis for intercourse. Be careful though! This must always be done gently, and you must take your cues from your partner or it could spell disaster.

Remember: Always to pay attention to every reaction that she gives you when you try something. ou can even ask her if she likes what you’re doing or not, or what she would like to experiment.

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