15 Best Sex Tips To Spice Sex Up!

Ladies! Go ahead and give them a try!…

I’ll bet these will spice up your sex life! 😉

1) The missionary style gets a bum rap a lot of times, but a little variety can really spice it up.

Ladies, try sticking your legs straight up and crossing them.

2) Find a large sturdy mirror, put it on the floor and make love doggie-style on top of it.

3) Use some of the champagne by pouring it between your legs for some fizzy stimulation. Invite your guy down for a drink.

4) Love swings have been used for centuries and have gotten rave reviews for their ease of use and the ability to try many different positions. The slight swinging motion can produce intense orgasms.

5) If you can undress in a sexy way or do a little striptease that will most probably excite your partner greatly.

Here are some tips:

• Look your partner in the eye

Do it in front of a full-length mirror

Touch yourself slowly and in places that bring you pleasure

Take things off piece by piece, very s-l-o-w-l-y

Caress your skin as you remove articles of clothing

Guys, make sure the socks come off first if you are the stripper

Take the underwear off last

6) Rocking chairs without arms can create wonderful sensations when she sits on top of his penis, and they gently rock together.

7) A mint in the mouth adds a wonderful sensation for oral sex.

8) You can tighten your vagina by using the muscle that stops the flow of urine midstream. Tighten for 5 to 30 seconds and work up to 20 reps. You can do this anywhere. Your guy will love you for it, and as an added bonus it will help prevent incontinence as you get older.

9) Help your guy to have a super orgasm by bringing him close to climax but stopping action before he goes over the top. Do this several times before you let him explode.

10) When giving your guy oral sex…

Wrap your lubricated hand around his penis and instead of stroking him in the same direction your mouth is going, move it in the opposite direction.

11) When your guy is about to climax (if you can’t tell, ask him to let you know), contract your vaginal muscles at a steady rhythm to intensify his pleasure.

12)Most guys are extremely turned on by watching their wife caress herself or even masturbate. It lets them know what feels good to her so they can try to do the same.

13) A device called a cock-ring vibrator helps the man sustain a much longer erection while the attached vibrator stimulates the clitoris and can help bring a woman to orgasm.

This is one of the best sex tips to spice up sex and prolong pleasure!

Give it a try!… He will love it… And you too! 😉

14) Women can contract their pelvic muscle and then their anal muscle in alternating sequence to build up their genital sensations.

15) While a woman needs to hear she is beautiful when making love, a man loves to hear you tell him how wonderful his penis is.

Compliment its thickness, hardness, length, smoothness, size of head, strong veins or whatever you enjoy about it.

Your man will looooove that!

Just remember… Only honest compliments!

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